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145 Minute Version of ‘Nightbreed’ Workprint Seen!



A few weeks ago we reported on website Clivebarker.info who wanted to let fans know how they could help get the Director’s Cut of Nightbreed into stores. Since the story was posted, an update has popped up on the site with some very exciting news – they have just finished watching the 145 minute version of the ’89 workprint! What was on it? Read on and find out. Now if only WE could see it! Set in the canadian wilderness, a search is on for a serial killer and an ancient tribe of monsters called the night-breed.
We just finished watching a 145 minute version of the film’s mid-1989 workprint! That’s 44 minutes longer than the theatrical release!! And it’s even more significant than that since there are none of the later re-shoots of Decker’s murders, so the actual deleted footage is far more than 44 minutes!

Yes, there’s (lots) more violence as the Sons of the Free invade Midian, yes there’s some deleted stop motion footage, yes, Narcisse gets decapitated, yes Lori stabs herself on a hilltop and Boone bites her… Yes, yes, yes!

Now, this is just a VHS copy so it’s not of releasable quality, so… thank you for your continuing messages of support – let’s keep working to get a proper DVD release for an extended Nightbreed…

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