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A Low Quality Look at the UK One Sheet For ‘The Descent 2’



The boys over at Frightfest UK have unloaded a list of their films playing this August in London, and included are a ton of first-look photos. Unfortunately, they are are extremely small, so head on over to the website to carouse around and see your first look at films such as Infestation, The Horde, Night of the Demons and many more. One score that I felt I’d share with out until the hi-res version hits the web is the UK one sheet for The Descent: Part 2. Check it out insde!
Terror mounts as fear cuts deeper in the chilling continuation to the globally successful horror hit THE DESCENT. Dazed, confused and traumatized, Sarah Carter emerges alone from the cave system where she confronted frightening enemies: herself and her darkest dread. With no rational explanation to what exactly happened or why she’s covered in blood, the authorities force her back into the subterranean depths to help locate her five missing girlfriends. But as the rescue party enters further uncharted domains, flashbacks start haunting Sarah as shocking memories of the recent past hideously hit home. Only she realizes the full horror of their futile mission. And only she knows what lurks to trap them in the eerie shadows of the labyrinthine warrens. For they are venturing into the habitat of a new tribe of Crawlers, inbred, deformed and even more viciously feral than Sarah faced before in the black recesses of her worst nightmares.


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