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H2O Goes Back To Their ‘Roots’



Legendary hardcore/punk band H2O are heading into the studio to record a cover album featuring some of their favorite songs. The album, appropriately titled Don’t Forget Your Roots, will feature the following bands: The Ramones, Dag Nasty, Madball, Rancid, Circle Jerks, Descendents, Cro-Mags, Bad Brains, The Clash, GovernmentIssue, Verbal Assault, Gorilla Biscuits, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, 7 Seconds, Embrace, Social Distortion, Sick of It All and Warzone. Just to name a few. I’m a huge sucker for cover songs especially when done by a band I enjoy and have a lot of respect for. 

Lead singer Toby Morse had this to say: “This album is extremely important to us. These are bands that inspired us to start a band and who have inspired our personal lives. Also with so many young kids getting into hardcore every day, it’s good to always keep exposing them to the ROOTS of this music and getting them into some of the originators of hardcore/punk. We have all gotten to see this bands play live when we were young so covering their songs that made us happy and inspired as kids feels amazing and we feel honored.”

If you aren’t familiar with H2O, click past the break for their videos for What Happened? and Nothing To Lose. And if you are familiar, watch them anyways. Enjoy!


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