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David Arquette on ‘Scream’ Return

It was confirmed yesterday that both David Arquette and Courteney Cox would be returning for Scream 4, which is currently being reworked by screenwriter Kevin Williamson after Neve Campbell threw a kink in the wheel by refusing to return as Sidney Prescott. Today, Arquette talked with the NY Post about the forthcoming new trilogy and why he decided to return. Read on for the skinny.
I love the ‘Scream’ franchise, I’m just honestly excited to be making another one,” Arquette exclaimed. “I figured it would be a blast to bring these characters back to life and see how they’ve grown since ‘Scream 3,’” he told the NY Post. “Working with Wes has been amazing and Kevin is an incredible artist. My wife and I really wanted to do this.

While David and I agree on all those fronts — exactly what has Dewey been doing? — there is one place where we don’t see eye to eye: He’s still holding out hope for Neve’s return. “I really hope Neve does it.



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