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Write Your Own Reviews: ‘Halloween II’ and ‘The Final Destination’

Alright guys, it’s midnight, which means both New Line Cinema’s The Final Destination and Dimension Films’ Halloween II are playing in theaters across the country. The battle of R-rated franchises has begun and most of you have taken sides – heck some of you will play the part of “nice guy” and see both. So here’s the deal, AFTER you’ve seen one of the movies, click either title above to write YOUR own review. Every review will find some time on the front page of BD in our “user review” box to the right of the screen. Watch this spot for official reviews early this morning and don’t forget to click here to join the ongoing battle between Halloween II and The Final Destination. Who will win the epic face off between the two R-rated franchises? We want you to vote. Chime in below with your own box office predictions.



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