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Kate Beckinsale is Confused Over What She Knows About ‘Underworld 4’

You got to love star-speak, if you ask the questions wrong, they’ll just walk all over you. A new interview was posted online today with Kate Beckinsale, who can be seen in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Whiteout early next month. In the interview, they ask Beckinsale about returning as Selene in Underworld 4, which arrives in theaters January 21, 2011 in 3-D, only she can’t seem to decide if she knows anything or not.
While Bloody Disgusting is being told that Kate Beckinsale will in fact return in Underworld 4, the star of the forthcoming Whiteout tells Collider she knows nothing of a fourth film. “I don’t know anything about a 4th ‘Underworld.’ I don’t know anything about that at this point.

So, as of right now, Beckinsale doesn’t know ANYTHING. But then all of a sudden she remembers! “I’ve heard they’re talking about a 4th one, but I don’t know if that’s officially happening or it’s that a rumor. As far as I’m concerned it’s just a rumor.

So according to Kate Beckinsale, she doesn’t know anything, but has heard something, but says that a fourth film is a rumor even though a January 21, 2011 has been confirmed by Sony Screen Gems. Funny.

On a side note, she does say she’ll return if the script is good, “I think if they came up with an amazing script I wouldn’t be adverse to it. But it’s not planned or anything.

So there you have it, the most confusing conversation that reveals nothing in history. We’ll keep you posted when she signs the dotted line or remembers something.



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