Patrick Lussier in Talks for 'Halloween 3D' - Bloody Disgusting
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Patrick Lussier in Talks for ‘Halloween 3D’



Since when does Variety jump on stories that aren’t confirmed? I guess we’re entering a new era. Bloody Disgusting caught up with My Bloody Valentine 3D director Patrick Lussier last week to confirm a rumor we were told that he was in talks for Dimension Films’ Halloween 3D. He confirmed he WAS in talks, but it sounded like no definite plans were coming anytime soon, so we filed the story away until something more solid came in. We had also heard Alex Aja was in talks, but debunked that as quickly as we heard it. Fact is, we’re also hearing the movie is far from greenlit, even though the Weinstein Company jumped on a 2010 date for Michael Myers’ return to theaters. Hey, if they can get it going, all the power to ’em. What would you think of Lussier directing?


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