Lionsgate Quietly Releases Joel Schumacher's 'Creek'? - Bloody Disgusting
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Lionsgate Quietly Releases Joel Schumacher’s ‘Creek’?



In completely random news, Lionsgate continued their trend in quietly dumping films in theaters by releasing Joel Schumacher’s Blood Creek (retitled from Creek) in extremely limited theaters across the country, at least that’s what The Bloodshot Eye is reporting. “Internet gorehounds wailed over the mistreatment of “Meat Train,” but now Lionsgate is doing it again: Tomorrow (Friday, Sept. 18), the utterly unheralded — even online — “Blood Creek” opens at the Bartlett 10, and, apparently, almost nowhere else in the world, other than some second-run theaters in Dallas, Orlando, and a few other cities.” Feel free to let us know where you find the movie in the comment section below, or click the link for more info at Bloodshot Eye.


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