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AFM ’09: Filmax Heads to ‘Tranquility Valley’

Bloody Disgusting learned that Filmax, the company behind Rec and Rec 2, is now developing yet another horror/thriller. Tranquility Valley will be directed by Xavi Giménez, Cinematographer on various Filmax productions from Transsiberian to Fragile, The Abandoned and even The Machinist. In the film Richard doesn’t know what to do with his sixteen year old son Dave; he’s drinking, smoking dope, getting into trouble; sometimes not even coming home at night. Richard is desperate, he has to do something with him, and now! Dave is abruptly awoken by two men gripping him tightly. His father is standing in the room. Dave is dragged outside and off into a waiting car. During the long night drive Dave’s imagination runs wild, where is he being taken? Finally the car turns off the road, through the window he sees a large and attractive estate isolated in the middle of the countryside, it doesn’t seem quite so bad. This is Tranquility Valley a place you don’t want to hear about.



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