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Kevin Williamson Lies About Murder in ‘The Bedroom Window’



Sure he’s already busy penning the new Scream trilogy, along with the hit TV series “The Vampire Diaries”, but writer Kevin Williamson is also working on a remake to Curtis Hanson’s 1987 thriller The Bedroom Window (originally starring the always kickass Steve Guttenberg), which carries an incredibly intricate plot. In an interview with MTV, he breaks down some early details.
I’ve got a great plan for it; I’m really excited,” Williamson told MTV when asked why he wants to remake that particular film. “It’s based on the book `The Witnesses,’ and I’m going to balance out the book; I’m going to pull more from the book [than Hanson did]. I’m doing it in between Scream 4 and 5.

Basically, a guy is having an affair with his boss’s wife,” he said of the plot. “They’re finishing up after a night of sex, and she goes towards the window to smoke a cigarette, and she sees a murder outside her window. She sees the killer, and they call the police, but she can’t be there because she’s the boss’s wife. So she tells all of her information to [the man she’s sleeping with], and he becomes the witness.

But he never saw the guy out the window, he was in the bathroom,” Williamson said of the film’s hook. “And so, he’s suddenly now the sole witness for this guy who’s a serial killer charged with killing all these women all over town. Of course, he gets caught in the lie, and so the serial killer comes after him.

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