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Six Character Posters for ‘Blackout’



Starway Pictures has reached an agreement with Phase 4 Films (formerly of Peace Arch Entertainment) to distribute The Blackout in all media in the United States. The first one sheet created some debate here on BD as it’s a blatant rip-off of the Feast poster, with the second creating some solid interest. Now, we’ve got our hands on six character one sheets that can be viewed below. Also check out the two trailers that premiere before AFM. Robert David Sanders’ creature-feature begins when an apartment building’s lights go out mysteriously, all of the tenants put aside their problems and band together to get to the bottom of the city-wide blackout. Deep in the basement of the high-rise, a hideous breed of monster hatches and begins to wreak havoc. Everyone must find a way to kill the blood-thirsty creatures and survive the darkness before it destroys the world.


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