'Strangeland II: Disciple' to Begin Lensing in the Next 90 Days? - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Strangeland II: Disciple’ to Begin Lensing in the Next 90 Days?



Although rumored to be filming on several other occasions, a report over at News Net 5 indicated that Dee Snider may finally be getting behind the camera for the long-delayed Strangeland sequel, Strangeland II: Disciple. “The state of Ohio has approved the applications for three projects to be filmed in Northeast Ohio using the Film Tax Credit,” they report adding one of the films is Strangeland 2! How soon will they shoot? “The films will all begin preproduction in the next 90 days.” Written by Twisted Sister frontman Dee SNider, and directed by John Pieplow, the 1998 film was about a sadomasochistic predator who surfs the internet looking for on-line female victims.


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