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‘Ghost Rider’ Sequel Will Be Like Pushing the Reset Button

Collider recently caught up with Ghost Rider producer Michael De Luca who produced a chunk of new info on the forthcoming sequel. Potentially titled Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Mark Steven Johnso won’t be directing and Eva Mendes will not return as Roxanne Simpson. Goyer recently delivered his updated outline that will be like “pushing the reset button” on the franchise. Goyer could direct. Click the link for more. Based on the Marvel comic book, Rider tells the story of a motorcycle stunt performer, Johnny Blaze, who agrees to become the host of a “spirit of vengeance” in exchange for the safety of his true love, but the price he pays is to be cursed with the avenging spirit that takes its form at night as a demon with a flaming skull on a motorcycle of hellfire.



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