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80s Genre Star Toplining ‘Sherwood Horror’ at King



Legendary bad-guy actor Bill McKinney (Deliverance, The Outlaw Josey Wales, First Blood) is in talks to play a small but important role as the modern-day version of Richard The Lionheart in Sherwood Horror a contemporary set reimagining of the Robin Hood legend with bite. Ex-con Rob Locksley (DJ Perry) returns home after a six-year absence to find his town under the rule of vampires. He must join forces with his old roughneck hunting buddies to wage war against the evil Sheriff and his horde of blood-sucking minions.
Director John Regan added “Everyone agrees that having Bill McKinney aboard will kick the film off right.” Co-Producer/actor Terry Jernigan also commented “You don’t get any tougher than Bill McKinney.

Meanwhile, the production company Collective Development Inc. www.cdiproductions.com have narrowed filming locations down to three possible states, even though director John Regan is lobbying hard to bring “Sherwood Horror” to Virginia (which is looking to lens in 2010).

Producer/Star DJ Perry has a history of shooting features in VA with films like “Wicked Spring,” “Judges,” and “The 8th Plague” and his Co-Producer/Co-star Terry Jernigan is also a VA resident. Perry stated “I think there is a lot of desire to bring the picture to the CommonWealth state it just has to make sense on a business level.” On-going talks will determine if the picture will shoot in VA.

Collective Development Inc.’s recent credits include the N.C. shot western “Dean Teaster’s Ghost Town” (Distributed with Lionsgate) and the Yuma, AZ Co-Production, “Renovation” now in post.


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