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Review: 28 Days Later #1

The great people over at Boom Comics sent me the first issue of 28 Days Later this weekend. I wasn’t sure what to expect since I thought the movie ended in a nice little package, but it did leave some opportunities for a sequel…but is it worth your $3.99. Check my review after the break.
Michael Alan Nelson (FALL OF CTHULHU, HEXED)
28dl1 28 Days Later starts out sometime after the end of the original movie. There is still a zombie problem but it has been quarantined. A war journalist wants to go into the quarantine zone and document all the madness so he can hit the big time, but he needs a guide to show him where to go. Enter one of the survivors from the movie, Selena. While reluctant to join at first she joins his rag tag group and they go back into hell and chaos ensues.
My biggest concern with this comic was if it was actually needed. The premise seems a little hamfisted and really reminds of a Jurassic Park storyline. With that being said, the way they do the story is well thought out. Writer Michael Alan Nelson (FALL OF CTHULHU, HEXED), does a great job with Selena showing even though she is tough as nails from escaping a zombie apocalypse she is still frail from what’s she lost from it. Selena seems like Ripley from ‘Aliens’ in this series and I think that is best way to portray her.
I very interested to see how the series pans out, it’s hard to tell from just the first issue since it was mostly setting up the story.
28 Days Later #1 actually takes the source material into context and is a must buy for fans of the movie.



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