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First Look at ‘Box of Shadows’



Very reminiscent of The Frighteners, Fotocomics Productions has released its first official photos from Box of Shadows, director Mauro Borrelli and producer Ed Polgardy’s upcoming horror thriller about a group of college friends who discover a 15th century mechanical coffin that allows them to experience the world as ghosts. The photos feature the movie’s signature coffin and a mechanical reaper who is one of the film’s primary villains.

We wanted to give horror fans a sneak peak of what we have in store for them this summer,” said Polgardy. “We’ve worked hard to make the coffin and reaper iconic images that audiences will remember long after the movie is over.

Polgardy was a producer and second unit director on a number of motion pictures with memorable horror elements and creatures, including Robert Hall’s LAID TO REST and Darin Scott’s DARK HOUSE, while Borrelli has a long history of creating fascinating movie imagery, having served as a visual effects artist on such movies as BRAM STOKER’S DRACULA, PLANET OF THE APES, PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN 2 & 3, and THE WOLFMAN.

The exclusive images are currently only available to select media outlets and will be posted on the re-vamped BOX OF SHADOWS web site in the next several weeks.

BOX OF SHADOWS is slated for release in Summer of 2010. The producing team includes Polgardy, film festival veteran Scott Rudolph, Alfredo Gilardini, Gabriella Stollenwerck (DEAD END, BIG NOTHING), and Domiziano Arcangeli (BLACK DEMONS, H1N1: VIRUS X).


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