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New Pot Horror ‘Night of the Living Heads’

Created out of their own pockets, George A. Taramas and Michael Gruosso of the Long Island/New York City area have just about completed production on their micro-budget independent pot/zombie flick called NIGHT OF THE LIVING HEADS.

A mysterious yet potent strain of marijuana from Jamaica has hit the streets in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. It doesn’t take long until the effects of the powerful ganja take control of the town stoners, and cause them to start acting strange. Can you handle the high-caliber chronic? Or will you fall victim to… NIGHT OF THE LIVING HEADS!

They’re working hard at wrapping up post-production so the film can hopefully be ready for viewing by 4/20. NIGHT OF THE LIVING HEADS was conceived early in 2009 by Taramas and Gruosso. Toying with the notion of merging two very popular film genres in today’s pop culture – horror and “stoner-flicks” – these filmmakers are determined to bring an all out stoner/horror movie to the screen. The end result will be a full-feature horror movie that exploits teenage life with a bloody, pot-smoking parody twist. Anything’s got to be better than POT ZOMBIES. Check out some exclusive vidcaps below.



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