Alice Braga Thinks 'Predators' Will Be PG-13 -- But She Doesn't Know HOW! - Bloody Disgusting
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Alice Braga Thinks ‘Predators’ Will Be PG-13 — But She Doesn’t Know HOW!



To go along with yesterday’s report, yet another Predators star spoke out about the prequel arriving in theaters July 9. In short, Repo Men star Alice Braga thinks that the Nimrod Antal directed film will be PG-13, although she doesn’t know how. “I don’t know that, I think they might try to do PG-13, but I’m not sure,” Braga tells participants in this past weekend’s press conference. “I’m not sure, I hope not actually. You know what, I think they [might] not [be able to do it PG-13] because there are some dark scenes in it, like the other films. So I think it’s going to be R. But going back to [a previous] question about editing, we never know what’s going to happen. But it looks really dark and really nice. I think, I had fun.” What say you?
Alice Braga


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