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Monster Mania 14:

Monster Mania is arguably one of the best Horror Cons on the East Coast, and with this years proposed lineup, it could be the biggest and best installment yet. With big names such as Dario Argento, Gary Busey (yes, that Gary Busey) , Malcolm McDowell and Doug Bradley, this promises to also be one of the best attended shows in Monster Mania’s history. There are also a lot of names which you don’t always see on the typical Horror Con lineup, first off Thom Mathews of Return of The Living Dead (“You mean the movie lied?!” ) and Friday The 13th Part 6:Jason Lives fame making his East Coast debut. Also on the bill (no pun intended), William Katt from Carrie and House, Meg Foster from They Live and Jeff Zornow, the artist behind the latest Halloween comic book series as well as Day of The Dead:Desertion and a slew of t-shirt designs for Fright Rags and Hip-Bonz. In addition to singular acts, there are two reunions going on, an original My Bloody Valentine Reunion (featuring a whopping 9 cast members) and a Night of The Creeps Reunion with Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Stephen Marshall and Jill Whitlow. It plans to be a Horror nerds dream weekend.
Monster Mania is a very family friendly Convention, and is reasonably priced as well. You can get a weekend pass which gains you access to the show for all 3 days, plus any showings (at this time any film screenings and Panels/ Q&A’s are not announced) for $40. Like all Conventions, this does NOT include the price of autographs. You can additionally pay $60 and gain admission one hour earlier to the Vendors Room on Friday and Saturday. Single day passes are $20 for each day. There are also VIP Passes for both Argento and Busey. What this guarantees you is Early Admission on both Friday and Saturday, one autograph on your own item from Argento/Busey, one photo on your camera with Argento/Busey, reserved seating in Main Event Room for all screenings/panels, an official Monster Mania 14 Convention shirt and admission to a Private Party with the stars on Friday night. All of this available for $199, all things considered it pays for itself.

Monster Mania is great at trying to keep lines moving while at the same time not being pushy to guests, but plan accordingly for your autograph plans. Keep in mind Saturdays are usually the busiest. All in all, March 12th-14th promises to be a weekend to remember.

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