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‘Birdemic’ Interview Part 3, New York Screenings and More!

Our ongoing interview series with Birdemic: Shock and Terror director James Nguyen continues today, while we’ve also got details of a slew of new screenings. Quite possibly the best-worst movie ever made is making waves and audiences across the country have been witnessing it in all of its glory. Continuing its journey, Birdemic will be flying into New York, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia and even Portland! You can get all of the details inside. Watch this spot for more locations as they’re announced.
Severin Films, along with the help of Landmark Theaters, will launch a series of Birdemic: Shock And Terror midnight screenings around the country. First stop is the Esquire Theater in Denver, CO on April 23rd and 24th, then May 8th at the Ritz East Theater in Philadelphia, then Minneapolis, MN at the historic Uptown Theater on May 21st and 22nd. More Landmark midnight screenings will be announced in the coming weeks.

Birdemic will have its northwestern debut as part of the 3rd annual Bridgetown Comedy Festival in Portland, OR on April 23rd at midnight. Director James Nguyen will also be in attendance for an introdution and Q&A. Stay tuned for a special guest host announcement.

And this just in… encores screenings! The MADCAP in Tempe, AZ has booked Birdemic for April 2nd and 3rd. Cinefamily will be bringing Birdemic back to Los Angeles for a second encore screening on April 9th. And mark your calendars far in advance: the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz in Austin, TX has booked Birdemic for two encore shows on May 19th and June 16th. And don’t forget about the New York City premiere on March 26th, and 27th at the IFC Center!



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