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‘Ratred: The Following 3D’ Casting Corey Haim Replacement

Anthony Purzycki of Mikrotone Concepts is in talks with Hollywood Talent Manager Judy Fox regarding her horror icon clients Bill Moseley and Michael Berryman, as well as other talent that she represents, for Mikrotone’s slate of film projects for 2010 and 2011.

We are looking at Moseley for the role of Cliff Beechen in our supernatural thriller Cliffs End. We thought of him from the beginning conception of the project, and we always knew he would be perfect. Berryman is a bit of a bittersweet decision. We are aiming at him taking over the role of The Gatherer in our 3D horror film Ratred: The Following 3D.

The role was originally scheduled to be played by actor Corey Haim. Corey was working very hard towards the part, but unfortunately we lost him too soon. It’s sad that the public will never see the passion he had.
Cliffs End Synopsis:

Jason Nestling and his sister, Lynn, move to Windward, an isolated island that has a peculiar problem, the same snow storm has been raining down on the island for 20 years. They rent Cliff’s End, an old house at the highest point on the island.

Its there that Jason meets Gabrielle, his land lord’s granddaughter, and they start up a relationship. It seems to be going well until Lynn is almost frozen in the bathroom, claiming there were children telling her to leave the island.

Gabrielle finds evidence that her father, the former owner of Cliff’s End, was involved with some type of illicit activity before he disappeared 20 years ago, the night the storm began.

Together, the two of them must discover just what went on all those years ago, or risk losing Lynn to a horrible fate. Little do they know, this will start a chain of events that will lead to painful revelations, as the ghosts off a buried childhood, literally, come back to haunt them.



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