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How Many of You Are Excited for I-Horror?

I got a kick out of this new article that is about 5 years too late. Indian production company Pritish Nandy Communications has teamed with U.K. sales company High Point Media to create a new genre of Indian horror and paranormal films, described by the companies as “I-Horror”. “J-Horror” is pretty much dead and no French filmmaker was ever arrogant enough to dub their film “F-Horror”. Much like a cult film, you need to earn your nickname! Anyways, the first projects have been announced. Read all about the new “I-Horror” movement (ROFL) below.
First up will be The Accident, currently in post, starring Shiney Ahuja and Soha Ali Khan, directed by Abhijeet Chowdhury, whose debut film The Underground Chamber won India’s national award for best first film in 2003.

Two more I-Horror titles The Pilgrim Express, directed by Sanjay Khanduri, and Of Brothers and Sisters, by Kushan Nandy are due to go into production shortly.

High Point’s Carey Fitzgerald said (not realizing how late he is: “As with the J-Horror phenomenon, which is distinctly rooted in Japanese culture that is also exportable, I-Horror will be the new by-word distinguishing genuinely scary films that, by their vibrant colours and character, unmistakably herald from India but also tap into a wider consciousness.

The companies will work together closely on developing and editing to ensure that the films will appeal to an international audience without losing their Indian identity.

PNC’s Pritish Nandy said: “India offers a rich and unusual variety of sights and sounds that are entirely unique. We want to tap into them to create this genre and we are hoping that people across cultures will respond to them because of their universal idiom.

India’s horror films have solely been for domestic consumption so far. The Ramsay brothers’ prolific and low-budget output, including “Veerana,” “Purana Mandir” and “Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche,” were popular in the 60s and 70s. In recent years, helmer Ram Gopal Varma has dabbled in the genre with some success with “Bhoot” (2003) and “Phoonk” (2008). He is currently planning “Warning,” which claims to be India’s first 3D horror film, though that accolade rests with the Ramsay brothers for 1985’s “Saamri.”



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