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First Images from ‘Todd and the Book of Pure Evil’

The Winnipeg Free Press posted a large piece on the forthcoming TV series “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil”, which will air on Space in Canada. Below you’ll find your first look at Jason Mewes and co-stars Maggie Castle and Melanie Leishman.

I think it’s more Freaks & Geeks meets Weird Science,” says 20-something actress Maggie Castle, who plays Jenny, “a tough indie-rock chick” who frequently runs afoul of the titular tome, a satanic book that grants wishes to those high school students who possess it.

Director Craig Wallace adds, “I wanted to tell a modern updating of Faust,” he says. “In every episode, the book falls into a different student’s hands, but it’s still very much Todd’s story. It’s him and his friends trying to figure out who has the book and how to get the book back so they can figure out a way to destroy it.



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