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New Indie UK Horror Film ‘Dead Gone Buried’

From director Matthew Thompson comes Dead Gone Buried, a new dramatic horror film penned by Ross Jameson. Christine Alderson and Miranda Robinson star.

When a gravedigger buries a bag of stolen goods for a vicious gang, his world is turned upside down when the stolen bag goes missing.

Joe’s only clue is a photo he took of the hiding place, which reveals a ghostly witness who may or may not be Joe’s lost son.

But his search for the truth links him to the disappearance of a local gypsy and Joe soon faces danger from his vengeful tribe as well as the gang. The only person who can help is someone he cannot trust, a local hermit who holds the key to the origin of the ghost.

Events unfold to a terrifying climax as Joe uncovers the truth behind his missing son, an event that threatens his sanity and raises important questions, not just about the nature of ghosts, but about reality itself.



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