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Big Bad Trio Prep for ‘Predators’ Attack in New Image

A second image has been released from 20th Century Fox’s Predators that features stars Adrien Brody, Walton Goggins and Alice Braga on the alien home planet trying to stay alive. It helps that they’re armed with some pretty rad guns. Arriving in theaters July 9 under the direction of Nimrod Antal, Predators stars Adrien Brody as Royce, a mercenary who reluctantly leads a group of elite warriors who come to realize they’ve been brought together on an alien planet… as prey. With the notable exception of a disgraced physician, they are all cold-blooded killers – mercenaries, Yakuza, convicts, death squad members – human “predators” that are now being systematically hunted and eliminated by a new breed of alien Predators.



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