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Platinum Studios to Adapt ‘Blood Nation’ Comic

Alexandra Milchan’s EMJAG Productions and Platinum Studios, an entertainment company that controls an international library of more than 5,600 comic book characters which it adapts, produces and licenses for all forms of media, have partnered to bring Platinum Studios’ comic book series Blood Nation to the big screen. Set in the not-too-distant-future, “Blood Nation” tells the story of a country overrun by vampires and walled off from the rest of the world. Decades later, rumors that these creatures have found a way to escape their isolation force a small group of humans to pierce into the heart of the nation on a desperate mission to save humanity. But what they find there may not be the wasteland they expect.
This is just one original property from Platinum Studios’ multi-universe library. While other large comics-based libraries are already spoken for, Platinum Studios remains independent of major entertainment studio affiliation. Marvel was recently acquired by Disney for $4 Billion and DC Comics is owned by Warner Bros.

Milchan will produce with Platinum Studios’ Chairman and CEO Scott Mitchell Rosenberg. Former Universal Pictures senior executive Randy Greenberg of The Greenberg Group, who negotiated the deal, would be an executive producer.

‘Blood Nation’ is a world war movie set in the future where the humans and the vampires have divided up the planet but not yet made peace with each other,” said Milchan. “Platinum Studios’ story is a fantastic starting point and bringing this world to life will be exciting and fun.

Alexandra brings a great deal of enthusiasm and creativity to everything she does,” said Rosenberg. “We are thrilled to be working with her on this project.

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