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Eric Heisserer Paying Attention to the Hallmarks of ‘Final Destination’ Franchise

It was announced last week that A Nightmare on Elm Street and The Thing screenwriter Eric Heisserer would be penning the fifth Final Destination movie that’s said t be heading back to the roots — in 3D. No details have been revealed other than it has something to do with “Lasik surgery.” Heisserer came up with the ingenious idea of the micro-naps in the Elm Street redo, so who knows what he’s concocted for the Destination franchise. Below you can read a small blurb from Heisserer about New Line’s plans.
It will be out next year. That’s the plan,” Heisserer tells iF Magazine. “We’re going to go back to what made the original work and build from there. We’re going to make sure we’re creating good suspense horror movie that happens to be a FINAL DESTINATION movie. That’s not to say it’s not going to have the hallmarks of what we’ve come to love about the franchise. We learned a lot of lessons from the fourth movie, and we want to show we’ve grown from that. I also want to show what a love about the franchise, and most of what I loved about it, is all in the first one.

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