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Caged Heat in Latest ‘The Pack’ Imagery

Sold all over the world at this past week’s Cannes market is Franck Richard’s French creature feature The Pack, a new film from the company behind Inside. Too bad nobody acquired it for a U.S. release. We’ll let you know as soon as that happens. While we wait for a trailer, a few news stills have found their way online and can be found below. While driving through a northern rural wasteland, Charlotte picks up Max, a hitchhiker. They stop in a truck-stop restaurant run by a woman named Spack. When Max disappears in the bar, Charlotte decides to investigate and things take a turn for the worse. Charlotte finds herself in Spack’s gruesome human farm, with other prisoners, semi-alive or dead, reared for their blood to feed Spack’s “kids”- a pack of blood thirsty ghouls, who come out of the earth each night to be fed fresh human blood.
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