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Interview with ‘Horseman’ Director Steven Kastrissios, Creature Feature Next?

Arriving on DVD and Blu-ray June 15th from Screen Media Ventures is the uber violent Aussie revenge thriller The Horseman. We caught up with Director Steven Kastrissios who revealed to us plans for a creature feature and a post-apocalyptic thriller. “I just got a writer who is starting to write a period-piece creature feature for me, which I’m really excited about – it’ll be set in Australia,” he revealed to BD exclusively. “And then I’m tossing up about what I’m going to writing while he’s working on that. I’m leaning towards a post-apocalyptic thriller. Personally, I’m more interested in science fiction, action and fantasy more than horror and bleak urban tales, which THE HORSEMAN certainly fits into. But ultimately, what I’d like to make is something like Star Wars. Just a big, giant sci-fi epic.” Click here for the full interview.



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