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House of Fear Preps Slate of Crappy 3-D Horror Films

Peter O’Toole has signed on as narrator on Fantastic Films’ and House of Fear’s 3D comedy horror Eldorado (art and trailer inside), which features Daryl Hannah, David Carradine – in his last performance – Michael Madsen and Brigitte Nielsen in the tale of a Jewish tribute band that hits the road to play a gig in a wild town. House Of Fear is also producing the 3D gothic tale Back2Hell and is in pre-production on two more live-action 3D films: Wolfman – 3D and Watchmen Of Hellgate. I’d be willing to bet not a single one of these hit theaters – so what’s the point of the 3D? Vomit.
After wrongly being sent to a Neo Nazi fund raiser instead of the stripper, Blues Brothers tribute band ‘The Jews Brothers’, Stan and Ollie get offered a gig in El Dorado to make amends for a gig gone sour.

At the very same time Jessica a beautiful but despondent wife is on the run with a million dollars from her cheating husband’s night club.

All roads lead to Eldorado, these lives intersect and at this point it means trouble. While these small lives revolve around each other a bigger power is controlling the action to make their visit to this town one they will never forget.

It’s Eldorado’s 200th anniversary, the townsfolk are hungry to celebrate, which does prove unfortunate to the tourists who come to visit and find that they are the dish of the day.

A parody of films including THE BLUES BROTHERS, SWEENEY TODD and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, ELDORADO is more than just bad table manners and a little light music, it becomes a way of life.



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