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Review: Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi #2

If the Star Wars were movies were a long time ago and the Old Republic was ten thousand years before that, I guess there’s not much before the Old Republic, right? WRONG! Laser beams and star fights don’t just pop out of no where and start giving people seizures; they have an origin that dates back tens of thousands of years before the films were even made. Thanks to the brilliant minds of John Ostrander, Jan Durrsema, and Dark Horse, this story is unfolding in a spectacular manner. Read on for the skinny…

starwarsdawn2 WRITTEN BY: John Ostrander
ART BY: Jan Duursema

Before the Jedi were galactic peace keepers, and the Sith the harbingers of chaos, there was an order known as Je’daii who wanted to master the force. But with every Ying, there is also a Yang, and in this case the Rakatan Infinite Empire are the bad asses who want everything force related just to themselves. Two things: First, I always cheer for the bad guys. Second, I do so because they do whatever it takes to win. Plus, they always look more awesome. Yet I have an inkling that most people are going to be in the Je’daii corner for this bout. This book follows three young Je’daii Shae Koda, Tasha and Sek’nos who receive a summons by an empire hound Xesh who presumably wants some for an evil reason.

I’m already sold on this series; a completely new world unfolds in front of the readers eyes as the history to the Star Wars realm is laid out. While the first issue gives a solid background of the time frame and a close inspection of the bad guys, this issue outlines the protagonists while simultaneously exploring the role of the Je’daii. The plot is accelerating at a rapid pace which has me itching to leap into the next book!

The art and colouring are well done for the story. Nothing over the top, but it works nicely to compliment the script. Since it is such an ancient time, the shading and sketchiness of the illustrations helps to emphasize that aspect while still getting it a vivid realistic look. Thankfully, it does not bear any resemblance to the Clone Wars cartoon.

The sky’s the limit for this story and any who haven’t picked up the first two issues better do it quick, and pick up the third ish while you’re at it!



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