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Comics To Feast On: February 1st 2012

There are some real gems set for release in this wonderful first week of February, especially if you’ve got a few extra bucks to spend. Flying your way is the third trade of Snyder’s magnum opus, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, the newest issues of VENOM, Clive Barker’s HELLRAISER, and a whole lot more. Get out your pull list and check this week’s most anticipated books, according to us at least. Read on for the skinny…


With the ever-increasing number of books coming out between the tie-ins, the
crossovers, and the new series, we’ve got to limit our lists for the week somehow. We present you with our ten most anticipated books of the week. So feast your eyes on these! Whether you’ve been into comics since you were a young’un, or you’re new to the game, we’re here to help you decide which books to pick up. If I’ve missed something you’re stoked about, list it in the comments.

American Vampire Vol. 3


WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
ILLUSTRATED BY: Rafael Albuquerque
PRICE: $24.99

The Low Down: “Two epic World War II tales in one massive volume! This gorgeous hardcover includes AMERICAN VAMPIRE #12-18 plus the acclaimed 5-issue miniseries SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST!

In the Pacific, Pearl’s husband Henry joins a clandestine group on a secret mission to Japan to hunt a new breed of bloodsucker. Meanwhile, Skinner Sweet has plans of his own…

And in Europe, vampire hunters Felicia Book and Cash McCogan go behind enemy lines in Nazi-occupied Romania in search of a rumored vampire cure.
Blood and bullets abound in this new collection from the Eisner Award-winning series!

The Feast: This chapter is an absolute gem, really setting the foundation for what’s to come in the series. The first two volumes are incredible, but this is where Snyder molds the series into a David-like piece of art. Nobody does vampires like Snyder and Albuquerque.

Hellraiser #10


WRITTEN BY: Clive Barker
ILLUSTRATED BY: Stephen Thompson
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “The startling new chapter in the Hellraiser mythos continues! The whole game has changed, and there can only be one victor! Clive Barker’s new take on Hell and the Cenobites continues here, delivering scares like the one and only horror legend can! This is required reading for Barker fans!”

The Feast: Now that Pinhead and Kirsty Cotton have swapped roles, it’s a whole new ballgame, and Barker looks to smash this one out of the park. This is the kind of horror comic that fans love to see; it touches on important age old philosophical notions, offers a deep mythology, it’s scary as all hell (literally), and looks beautiful while doing it. With Kirsty as head Cenobite, we’re excited to see how imaginative Barker can be.

Animal Man #6


WRITTEN BY: Jeff Lemire
ILLUSTRATED BY: John Paul Leon and Travel Foreman
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Before he and his family became hunted by The Rot, Buddy Baker starred in a low budget indie Super Hero film. Now we get to “watch” the movie, courtesy of director Jeff Lemire and guest cinematographer John Paul Leon!”

The Feast: With the first arc under the rug, now we’ll really see what Mr. Lemire is capable of. Last month planted the very beginning of the Swamp Thing crossover (heading your way soon), and the road to the event will filled with all sorts of pit stops. Expect this issue to be a building filler issue adding to A-Man’s character depth.

Swamp Thing #6


WRITTEN BY: Scott Snyder
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “The Rot is winning, and its necropolis in the American desert is nearly complete. With Abigail Arcane all but lost to its power and the herald of Sethe risen, Alec Holland will bitterly regret trying to flee his destiny as Swamp Thing…but even if he wanted to do the right thing, it’s too late now!”

The Feast: As with Animal Man the first hints at the crossover have come about, and the rot is slowly consuming Alec’s life. Dr. Holland finally gave into The Green, and there is no doubt that he will go full-blown Swampy soon. Snyder is crafting a run on the series that already looks to be worthy of his predecessors, grand statement, yes, but it’s the truth.

Venom #13


WRITTEN BY: Rick Remender
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “PART ONE OF A SIX PART EVENT! Hell is spreading across the Earth from out of Las Vegas. Ghost Rider is responsible but what price is she willing to pay to save mankind?! X-23, Venom & Hulk must defeat their worst enemies, buying Ghost Rider time to stop hell’s march across the globe! As a clone, X-23 has often wondered if she has a soul. This is where she gets her answer! Who is Ichor and why has he targeted Venom for Death?!

The Feast: Venom is quickly becoming our favorite book here at BD. Remender’s quick paced style combined with his unique character depth has offered a Venom we’ve never seen before, and frankly we feel quite spoiled. This issue kicks off the big Ghost Rider tie-in, and Venom will be facing off against that big ugly Red Hulk.

Valen The Outcast #3


WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson
ILLUSTRATED BY: Matteo Scalera
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “The King is dead, long live the Dead King! King Valen Brand was a just ruler and a great warrior until he was killed in battle by the necromancer Korrus Null and resurrected as one of the walking dead. Now he’s considered an abomination in his own realm, an outcast with only one purpose: to restore his lost soul. Valen has slaughtered his former allies, assembled a ragtag band of renegades and smugglers, and cut a path through his war-torn kingdom as a dozen armies vie for his old throne. But when Korrus Null’s right-hand man finally catches up with him, will Valen fall back under the Necromancer’s wicked control? And don’t forget to ask your retailer about the rare CGC graded 9.8 Near Mint cover by Joe Jusko!”

The Feast: Valen is an undead king on a quest to retrieve his soul, and no zombie, necromancer, or sexy woman will stand in his way. Valen is a perfect mix of dark fantasy, epic questing, and super babes. Only at the third issue, you owe it to yourself to check this title.

Dark Horse Presents #8


PRICE: $7.99

The Low Down: “A brand-new B.P.R.D. story, the beginning of Brian Wood and Kristian Donaldson’s The Massive, new Skeleton Key, and the conclusion of Howard Chaykin’s Marked Man?

Join the legendary anthology as Dark Horse Presents commemorates the 100th Anniversary of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Tarzan with Thomas Yeates, unravels the mysteries surrounding Neal Adams’s Blood, and brings you another heaping collection of great comics.”

The Feast: Dark Horse Presents is becoming something bigger and better than anyone could have imagined. Every issue offers an incredible variety of stories, and there is rarely a bad seed in the bunch. Lately Dark Horse has been using it to offer pre-stories to new books they have coming out and giving readers a chance to preview a book before the first issue is invaluable. If you’ve got the extra $7.99, don’t hesitate.

Alpha Girl #1


WRITTEN BY: Jean-Paul Bonjour and Jeff Roenning
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “It’s 1984, and Judith is your typical 17 year old. She chain smokes, cuts class, sells her tampons to perverts, and she just might be the last sane woman left on the planet. When a third-rate cosmetics company creates a pheromone that turns women into crazed man-eaters, the world dives into chaos. Judith must break her little brother out of juvie, all the while dodging rabid women and the men who hunt them. Already a proven survivor, she picks up some interesting strays along the way and kicks some serious zombie ass! Judith is Alpha Girl!”

The Feast: She’s a maneater, make you work hard, make you spend hard, make you want all of her love! Yep, zombies are hot, and they’re about to get a little bit hotter with Alpha Girl. This book follows the badass teen and her crew in the midst of the big Z-War set in the mid 80s. Expect to see a lot of throwbacks to those classic horror comics from the 80s, but also expect Alpha Girl cross lines those books never could.

Fatale #2


WRITTEN BY: Ed Brubaker
PRICE: $3.50

The Low Down: “The second issue of the hottest new series of 2012 is here! In modern times, Nicholas Lash searches for answers about the mysterious woman who ruined his life, while in the mid-1950s, reporter Dominic Raines is drawn down that same murderous path… The award-winning team of Brubaker and Phillips keeps the heat on high in this epic horror noir.”

The Feast: Would you expect anything other than brilliance with a horror/noir genre-mixer from the man himself, Ed Brubaker? Didn’t think so. This is a genre crossover that has needed to happen for a long time, and it’s finally landed in a big way. Crime, blood, creatures, and femme fatales, sounds like The American Nightmare to me.

Magic The Gathering #1


WRITTEN BY: Matt Forbeck
ILLUSTRATED BY: Martin Coccolo
PRICE: $3.99

The Low Down: “Get ready, Magic: The Gathering fans, there’s a new Planeswalker in town! In search of greater magical knowledge and on the hunt for the people who destroyed his town, Dack Fayden is the greatest thief in the Multiverse. When he gets his hands on his latest prize, though, he has no idea where it will lead him-or to who!”

The Feast: Don’t lie, we know you still play Magic Cards, it’s okay, we do too. Now is your chance to enter into the world of Magic comics and follow a Planeswalker through the dark realms. Plus, it comes with some free swag: limited edition game cards, so why not take the plunge?

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