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Curio Giveaway: Tell Me What Drives You Crazy

Hey there little buddy, how are you today? Good I hope. As if it being the coming weekend wasn’t enough, I have 30 download tokens to give away for that wacky iOS game Curio I covered last month. This pill-popping title is ideal for anyone looking to inject a little crazy into their commutes, or during class, or while you’re “working” in your cubicle, and the best part of all this I’m giving them away to 30 lucky winners for free.

Well, that’s not entirely true, because in this harsh world nothing’s free. Thankfully, the price to be a winner isn’t too steep. Because Curio is about a man whose sole purpose is to escape from an insane asylum, what I want you to do is comment telling me something that drives you absolutely insane. Need inspiration? Head past the break for the game’s trailer, it should stimulate your crazy side.

In two weeks I’ll choose the winners, so I recommend you all keep a close eye on your PM inboxes for a code. Now get to work people, and make me proud.

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