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Meet Curio, A Creepy, Crazy Game For iOS Devices

There’s no shortage of runner games on Apple’s mobile gaming platform, but Curio stands apart from the rest by being horror themed, and having a fucking weird trailer. The game came out last December, but a brand new update that went live yesterday added more than 50% more content to the game, including new items, Easter Eggs, and a tutorial. I could keep talking about it, but I think I’d rather let Tommy Wiseau (writer, director and star of The Room) give you an idea of what you can expect from it in the trailer below.

You can grab Curio on the iTunes App store for a cool .99 cents. Head past the break for some more info about the game and what its first update has added to it. Curio follows Ron Templeton III, who after barely escaping a lobotomy must flee the labyrinthine halls of an asylum for the criminally insane. He’ll have to confront fellow inmates and his own personal demons in this 2D side-scroller where you’ll have to self-medicate to survive.

The new update has improved some aspects of the game, while adding new features and functionality, including:

Optimization: Optimized for iPad.

Book Marking System: players can now earn saves as they progress.

Enhanced Game Center Functionality: compete against other players for high scores (daily & all time) and earn achievements/tools.

New Tools, Screwdrivers and Pills: allows for strategy customization.

Tutorial: We listened to fans and media and created a “how to play” section to ease the game’s learning curve.

Easter Eggs: added many Easter eggs to the game, but they are hidden.

Many other minor changes and tweaks that enhance gameplay.

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