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Amnesia Sequel On The Way, Dubbed A Machine For Pigs

It looks like Frictional Games was indeed teasing us with a sequel to Amnesia: The Dark Descent. The sequel is officially titled Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and I think it deserves an honorable mention for strangest video game titles, next to Wild Woody and Spanky’s Quest (both real titles, by the way). The team is aiming for a pre-Halloween release this year on the PC (with Mac and Linux versions coming soon after).

As for the bizarre title? Fuck if I know, but in case you’re looking for a little context, a line from the script was offered during the Joystiq interview that reads “This world is a machine fit only for pigs. Fit for the slaughtering of pigs.” Head past the break for more info! Story-wise, A Machine for Pigs takes place in Victorian London, on New Year’s Day in 1899. follows wealthy industrialist Oswald Mandus, who has just returned from a failed expedition in Mexico. Mandus is ill, and starts having nightmares about a mysterious machine. Perhaps this machine is a machine… for pigs? We won’t know until the game releases later this year, but the developer’s focus on taking players out of their comfort zone is a little intriguing. The Dark Descent took me out of my comfort zone, in that it turned me into a sobbing mess of a human being who had to sleep with the lights on for a few months, lest the invisible demon steal my soul.

The original game did well on the PC, and in case you’ve forgotten this already, Frictional’s next project was an action/horror game that was rumored to be coming to consoles. In the interview they shoot down that option by saying their team doesn’t have the time or the willpower to bring it to something like Xbox Live Arcade. Bummer.

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