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Capcom’s Live Streaming Event Reveals (And Confirms) Details On Resident Evil 6

You didn’t forget about Capcom’s live Resident Evil event, celebrating the series’ 15th anniversary, did you? Well, it happened, and from it we have some brand new details about the newly unveiled Resident Evil 6, as well as official confirmation on things we weren’t quite sure about. Now we have some info taken from the event, provided by Andriasang.

I hope you’re not Resident Eviled out, because with RE6 details pouring out and Revelations due out in a few weeks, it isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon. Read on to get a little more familiar with Resident Evil 6. It should come as no surprise that the game has been in development for a few years, undoubtedly since the crazy successful Resident Evil 5. A pretty exciting little factoid about this game is more people are working on this game than any other title in Capcom’s history. Including the core team and others around the world, the count reaches about 600 people. That’s a lot of hands in the proverbial zombie kitchen. To give you an idea of how big that number actually is, Grand Theft Auto IV’s team consisted of (roughly) 200 people.

I hope you’re not easily overwhelmed, because there’s going to be a lot going on in Resident Evil 6. We already know about the trio of intersecting campaigns, led by series protagonists Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, and the mysterious new ex-mercenary who will also have his own story. Speaking of, while we don’t have really any new details about this third party, he’s been described as “”the man who’s told to save the world.” Well that’s Intriguing.

If the trailer didn’t soothe your worries about whether or not this would be a horror game, maybe Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi’s words will. At the event, Kobayashi described the game as the “ultimate horror entertainment,” that’s driven by the “fear of what lies ahead.”

In case you haven’t gathered this already, this is going to be a massive game, both in terms of content and scale. You’ll travel all around the world across the aforementioned trio of campaigns, and it’s all connected by an epic story.

Leon’s partner is Helena Harper, who was part of the president’s security detail before he was infected during a bioterrorism act that turned him into a zombie. It sounds like a good part of Leon’s story will take place in America, while Redfield’s story starts off in China.



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