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See Dead People In Your House With ‘Spirit Camera’ This April

A few weeks back a new horror title was revealed with striking similarities to Fatal Frame. Makes sense, since the game’s being developed by the same team behind the series, but this one comes with a fantastic twist: now the ghosts are in your house. Spirit Camera is an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that uses the Nintendo 3DS camera to put the ghosts in the real world. This is an exciting evolution for the genre, but I’d like to ask that no developer ever makes a game that does this but replaces the ghosts with clowns. Seriously, don’t do that.

Spirit Camera follows a young girl names Maya, who has to break a curse that was given to her by a Woman in Black. To accomplish this, you’ll need to use a handy 16-page book called the Diary of Faces, which will almost definitely be as creepy as it sounds. Look for it to come out on April 13, or Friday the 13th (I see what you did there, Tecmo) Head past the break for some gameplay.



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