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March Gets Wet With Silent Hill: Downpour



Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is coming out on March 20, and now the month will also be getting Silent Hill: Downpour on the 6th. That’s two major horror games in a short amount of time, or three if you count Revelations the month prior, or four if you count the Silent Hill HD Collection on January 24. Is anyone else freaking out just a little bit? I’m glad I don’t actually give people presents for Christmas, because I don’t know how I could afford all these games if I was one of those giving people.

Downpour is no stranger to delays, so I hope it doesn’t get pushed back any further. I’m sure you all feel the same, seeing as it claimed the award for most anticipated horror game of 2012 in our FEAR Awards, even beating out Raccoon City, The Last of Us, and Diablo III. Head past the jump for a bunch of new screenshots!


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