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Konami Producer Teases Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Sequel

David Cox is a producer at Konami who’s been working on Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. David likes tweeting about the game, posting links to interesting articles, and he also recently tweeted a link to an article on CVG about titles that will define gaming this year. It might be a bit of a leap to suggest his tweet is a tease of a sequel for one of my favorite games of last year, but because I’m enough of a fan I’m willing to throw logic out the window and go full fanboy.

Lords of Shadow deserves a sequel and it certainly did well enough critically to warrant one. If you want to check out the tweet–maybe you think you can find something I didn’t in Cox’s three very intriguing words–you can check it out right here. Until then, let’s all just let the idea of a Lords of Shadow 2 simmer in our minds. News via Game Informer



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