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Welcome to the new Bloody Disgusting… Important Account Info Here!



We’ve been hard at work behind the scenes putting this new version of Bloody Disgusting together for you guys, and we’re proud to finally give it to you. You’ll notice a ton of new features and improvements on old ones, including a totally revamped social community. Please bear with us as we continue to transfer data to the new site, you might experience slow or inconsistent loading times until the transfer is complete.

Before you jump in though you’ll have to reactivate your account! Because your passwords are encrypted on our servers we weren’t able to bring them with us, don’t worry though the rest of your account information is here and we made the process to reactivate your account a simple and painless one. And if you’re a new user looking to sign up we have a new streamlined registration form or you can login via your Facebook account.

Read on to see how you reset your password and reactivate your account:

– Click “Sign In” at the top of the page and enter your username and password
– We’ll send you an email to the address associated with your account containing an activation code
– Enter the code from your email in the form and create your new password and you’re all set!

NOTE: If your username contained a space we had to convert that space into a hyphen. So if your username was “Horror Fan” for example, it is now “Horror-Fan”. If you have any issues logging in, activating, or registering a new account let us know here or email us directly at contact@bloody-disgusting.com! We’ll make sure to get back to you right away regarding any account issues. Please make sure to include any relevant info like your current username and email address, and any old email addresses you might have used when registering your account.

Some other things to be aware of as we transition to the new site:

– We have over 10 years worth of forum posts that are currently being imported, please be patient with us as we transfer everything over. The forums will also receive a facelift soon with a fully featured text editor and more of the things you are used from our old message board

– The Movie Pit also contains a huge amount of information that will be imported shortly, you might notice holes or gaps in information that we will be filling in.

– There are bound to be bugs and little things that pop up, feel free to let us know of anything you find. This is more than just a facelift, a lot has changed behind the scenes and we’ll tackle any issues that come up as soon as we can improving on what we consider an already greatly improved website. We’d also love to hear your feedback in general so browse around and let us know what you think, good or bad.

On behalf of everyone at Bloody Disgusting,
Thanks and enjoy!