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TV: The Only Reason You’ll Ever Need to Watch ‘True Blood’!



SPOILER WARNING: You’re not that far behind on season 3. Start recording them on your DVR, go back and quickly watch the first two seasons. Why? HBO shows no fear and they’ve proven this in last nights epic episode of “True Blood”, an episode that will live on in infamy with not only vampire fanatics, but also the most hardcore of horror fiends. Top 10 lists need to be amended STAT. Strap on a “jimmy” and read on for the viewing experience of the year. If HBO is wiling to push things this far, how hardcore are they truly willing to go? I can’t wait until next Sunday!
Editor’s note: If you’re up to date with the show and missed last night’s episode, I recommend skipping this article.

Not Work Safe: Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) takes his hatred for Lorena (Mariana Klaveno) to a creepy, weird place.


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