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‘Pizza Shop’ to Deliver the Indie Horror Goods

From George O’Barts comes Pizza Shop, a new indie horror set to wrap production this coming October.

Robert Bielfelt, Cian Patric O’Dowd, Bret Buzek, Jason
Schneider, Matt Pohlman, Marc Buck, Deon Maez, Matt Camp, Chelsea Breibart, and Gary Herkimer all star.

PIZZA SHOP THE MOVIE is a bizarre mix of horror, suspense and toilet humor that is sure is amuse and disgust young and old alike. The movies tag line “Do you know who’s been alone with your food?” really does illuminate the movies major theme. What goes on in the 20 minutes that passes between the time the pizza delivery driver leaves the shop and arrives at your door is anybody’s guess. It’s best to stack the odds in your favor and tip generously. These mobile soldiers of fortune have an over developed sense of entitlement so great that it can only be paralleled by their distain for people who don’t appreciate who they are. On multiple occasions, the guilty, or at least those perceived by the pizza drivers as such, are punished, frequently in ways that should only be described as less that appetizing.

Among the colorful cast of characters the drivers encounter are a 97-year-old stripper, a serial killer and an affection starved, full bodied ebony Amazon with a taste chocolate syrup and young men. In contrast to the unique clientele there is the struggle to be on top of the delicate balance of power that exists within the pizza shop between the drivers and management.

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