'Super 8' Viral Campaign Continues With 'Rocket Poppeteers' Website - Bloody Disgusting
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‘Super 8’ Viral Campaign Continues With ‘Rocket Poppeteers’ Website



Regular readers know I’m addicted to viral marketing campaigns. I love the idea of getting the audience involved in a film in unique and interesting ways. Paramount has chosen to get us involved in J.J. Abrams and Steven Spielberg’s 80’s alien-creature feature Super 8 with their bizarre Rocket Poppeteers campaign. You’ve read about all sorts of oddness from snail mail advertisements to on hand Comic-Con Popsicle trucks, now they’re kicking it into high gear with an official website for the Rocket Poppeteers! Go register and see what you find. While Abrams hasn’t even begun casting yet, they definitely know they want this in theaters by summer of 2011.


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