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OMFG of the Day: Guillermo Del Toro, James Cameron Teaming for ‘At The Mountains Of Madness’

Monster news just blasted open over at Deadline who is reporting that James Cameron (Avatar, Aliens, The Terminator, Piranha 2) has come aboard to produce Guillermo Del Toro’s highly anticipated At the Mountains of Madness! The film will be a big ticket item, shot in 3D. Cameron’s presence helped win over the studio with pre-production beginning in the next few weeks, and shoot next summer. In the Lovecraft tale, a gruesome discovery made during a scientific expedition to the South Pole in the 1930s hints at the true origin of mankind having come from elder gods from another planet. Bad things happen when those life forms are awakened. The project is years in the works for del Toro and producers Susan Montford and Don Murphy (Splice, Natural Born Killers, Transformers), and it is easily the most ambitious project contemplated by the Pan’s Labyrinth director.
At the Mountains of Madness



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