'Saw' Writing Duo Heads to 'The Outer Limits' - Bloody Disgusting!

‘Saw’ Writing Duo Heads to ‘The Outer Limits’

MGM has hired writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan — whose credits include four of the seven Saw films, the Feast trilogy, and The Collector — to pen a feature take on The Outer Limits, the sci-fi series that aired on ABC from 1963-65. MGM has been in limbo for most of the past year. It received a sixth extension in mid-July on debt payments from its 140 creditors, who have given the beleaguered studio a forebearance that will expire Sept. 15. Around the same time as the latest extension, the Lion paid Melton and Dunstan for a feature “Outer Limits” script based on their take, which is due in October.