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It’s All Sidney’s Fault, So Says the Extras on ‘Scream IV’ Set!



While there are already tons of behind-the-scenes photos leaking across the web, Bloody Disgusting tipster JBK has the spoiler-filled skinny on two scenes from Wes Craven’s now filming Scream IV. In addition, he provided us with two on set images of the emergency vehicles that are part of the described scenes. Read on with caution! Dimension Films will release Scream IV in theaters on April 15, 2011.

JBK writes in:

Scene #1: The main scene scooped has a pretty big spoiler in it: Apparently, Courtney Cox Arquette gets stabbed in the right shoulder/torso area and then falls off a hayloft into a giant pile of hay. Most likely not dead, seeing as this is a Scream movie, but I thought you might find this interesting.

Scene #2: Apparently, two girls were talking on the phone and were looking through their windows at each other (they’re next door neighbors). One of the girls gets killed. Later, as the body is being loaded into the EMS ambulance, there is a crowd of people across the street who are yelling at Sidney (though I never saw Neve Campbell), saying things like, “Why did you have to come back here?” “It’s your fault that people are dying again,” and “You’re just like your mother“, etc… All the extras were instructed to look across the street with disgust, hatred, anger and any other aggressive feelings. David Arquette was also on the scene, but I didn’t get to hear or see what he was doing. And that’s about it for what we saw.


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