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TV: A ‘Paranormal’ Trip Down the Amazon ‘River’

Dreamworks TV and ABC Studios are teaming with the creators of Paranormal Activity on a spooky TV project. Paranormal writer-director Oren Peli and Paranormal 2 screenwriter Michael R. Perry have co-created a new series idea that brings the horror hit’s style to the small screen. Titled “The River,” the story involves a search for a person who went missing on the Amazon river and employs the found-video footage format popularized by Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield and, of course, Paranormal Activity. Dreamworks is near a pilot deal at ABC, whereby the pilot must air otherwise a penalty is incurred. Sources say the network aggressively pursued the project, edging out also-interested NBC. Executive producers Steven Schneider and Jason Blum, both of whom worked on Paranormal, are also on board.



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