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TIFF ’10 Review: Del Toro Produced ‘Julia’s Eyes’

One of the big films that played at the Toronto International Film Festival was Guillermo del Toro protege Guillem Morales’ Julia’s Eyes, a Giallo-esque thriller that’s a big too simple, and way too long: “If you can tolerate an overly long film, Julia’s Eyes gives homage to classic Argento flicks and is still extremely well made. Rueda’s performance is remarkable and creates a character that the audience can give a sh*t about. And even the bloodhounds will find solace in some horrifically violent sequences, all of which are for and few between. But ultimately, Del Toro failed to deliver something as riveting and engaging as The Orphanage.” Click the title for the full review or here for all of our TIFF news/reviews.



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