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If You’re Not A Fan Of Amy’s Pricing, Vote To Have It Lowered!



If your wallet’s still hurting after all the Christmas gift-giving, an extra two bucks for the PSN version of Amy might be a big deal for you. Recently it was announced the game would be coming out next week for $12.99 on PSN and 800 MSP ($10) for XBLA. This caused a bit of confusion, so publisher Lexis Numérique clarified that the price difference is because of Microsoft’s wonky and totally pointless space currency.

Some fans of the game were a little upset that they were going to have to pay more for the game than their Xbox-based brethren, so now they’ve decided to leave it up to us, the consumer, to decide how all this is going to go down. You have two options: get Amy on Jan 10 for the original pricing, or have the PSN version’s price dropped but have the release postponed a bit. When you make up your mind how you’d like to have Amy, I suggest heading on over to the game’s Facebook page so you can partake in a poll. This is what democracy is all about people, so savor it.


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