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‘Alien’ Prequel About to Implode? Ridley Scott Off His Rocker?

Those of you looking forward to Ridley Scott’s return to space with his currently in development Alien prequel, prepare for some heft disappointment. According to Script Flags Scott is at odds with 20th Century Fox, the major studios behind the project over budgetary and creative differences. 
It would seem Scott wants a budget of around $250m to make it a sci-fi spectacular (are you f*cking kidding me?), and is also pushing for an 18-rated level of violence and horror. Fox, however, don’t plan on investing anywhere near that sum, and are keen to get a 15 rating to maximize the audience appeal. From a business perspective, I actually don’t blame Fox for their firm stance – what Scott is requesting is absolutely ridiculous considering his track record over the past, I dunno, 10 years? I’d love to see an R-rated Alien film, so get your budget under control and let’s roll!



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